Literacy Support Program

Beat the summer slide with our Literacy Ladder program! 

Students lose one to three months of learning over the summer. We would like to help prevent some of that learning loss by partnering with you to get books into your students hands over the summer.

Studies show that reading self-selected books makes a positive difference in literacy development so having students choosing books they are interested in is a key part of this program. We will be sure to have a large selection of books across all appropriate reading levels, genres, and interest so students are able to find books they are excited about reading. 

We will bring browsing copies of each book available for the students to preview. They will come in boxes with tabletop displays. After previewing, students will make their selections which will be scanned into our system and sent in as they “check out”. 

Once all students have made their selections, the books will be ordered from our warehouses, sorted, and packed for each student. These will be delivered to your school and all that is left for you to do is get the books to the students. 

We want to make this program as easy as possible for you so we will take care of the set up and pack up of the books displays.

Let’s build a love for reading together and help your students climb the literacy ladder!